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The Piazza Tre Martiri is part of the ancient forum Ariminum, the colony founded by the Romans in 268 BC, situated at the confluence of the two main streets, the Decumanus Maxima and the Cardo Romano. The forum was the center of civic life for the Latin-speaking citizens of Rimini and is to this day a major meeting point for residents and tourists alike.  

At that time of the Roman Empire the square was much bigger, paved with large rectangular stones, now partly visible thanks to openings in enclosures on the side of the Piazza.

Honorary statuettes and valuable architecture created a stunning backdrop to the life of the square, including real life statue of Julius Caesar, situated at the end of the square, facing Rome.

On the other side, a sixteenth century milestone reminds passers-by of the speech that Caesar is said to have addressed to the legions after crossing the Rubicon. In its memory the square, which already carried the name, houses a bronze statue, a copy of the Roman original.

Today, the square is named “Tre Martiri” in honour of three partisans who died in 1944.

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